Friday, July 20, 2012

Dear Jess,

Friday night we went to the Athletics/Yankee’s game in Oakland. It was one of the best baseball games I’ve ever been to, and the seventh inning stretch made me cry, as always. Additionally, I informed Mr. Jeter that you are awaiting his proposal. He’ll get back to you soon.

Wish you were here,



  1. Dear Britt,

    First, I am honored to have a post written to me! HONORED!

    Second, I wish I were there too.

    Third, Thanks for letting Jeter know of my expectations. You can be a bridesmaid for that one. ;)

    All my love,

  2. PS:

    Next time I'll be there!

  3. I love that you were loving the A's and you cried. I would be happy to join you for another A's rendez vous! :p

  4. that is oakland. you must never go there.


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