Thursday, September 6, 2012

To the Class of 2013,

the view from where I study in the library

To My Colleagues (One of my professors this semester is British, and he says “colleagues” all the time. It sounds real legit in a British accent.)

I heard people were mean in law school. “They might be nice enough, sure,” they said, “but when push comes to shove they’ll let you drown in the Ocean of the Truth of the Matter Asserted mumbling something about never owing you a duty in the first place.” But on the first week of my last year of law school I hugged at least a hundred people, and when Aly saved me a seat in Federal Income Tax there was a note signed, “a gorilla” at my desk. I thought I didn’t want to go back to school this semester, but it’s been three weeks, and I was wrong. I am so happy to be back, studying, agonizing, learning with you guys.


Ms. Perry


  1. Oh Ms. Perry!! You're so smart all the time! Good luck on your last year, knock 'em dead! But not litrally.


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