Thursday, October 11, 2012

To Ammon, Idaho natives

Picture of and my brother, Spencer, and I country waltzing at my brother (Steven)'s wedding reception this weekend. It was, in fact, a barn dance. Colorado mountains, belt buckles, cowboy hats, fu manchus, and everything. Loved every single second. 

Fellow Country Mice,

There are rumble strips at various points across the Bay Bridge between San Francisco and Oakland; they are supposed to be a signal to drivers to slow down, and when I moved to San Francisco, my dad drove me across the Bay Bridge. It was a clear night, and we could see the whole skyline. I looked out over this amazing, beautiful city, and got excited about living in the middle of all that: shopping at big department stores, sight-seeing, eating at trendy restaurants, wearing fancy dresses, and having new, big, city-girl adventures. But then, when our little Camry drove across those rumble strips I thought, “Hmm. Why are there cattle guards on a bridge?”

Maybe I’m not so city mouse.



  1. LOVE IT.

    Isn't it funny how our ideas about being a "city girl" or a "country girl" change throughout our lives?

  2. Haha love this. I feel the same way sometimes. I can be going along feeling perfectly normal in a big city, then something like these cattle guards will hit me and I'll remember that I'll always be from Idaho.

    Love that picture too! Congrats to Steve.

  3. This made me happy :) I have had to explain the concept of a cattle guard to a number of friends over the years, but somehow they always make me feel like I'm home.

  4. Love this, love you!

    I am soon to be an Ammon resident too. ;)

  5. I love that country mouse is a label on this. I hope to see many more of these posts in the future. Also: you're super cute.

  6. i so relate to this. just one of the MANY reasons i adore you. let's hang out in idaho sometime.

  7. I love idaho. I love you. I love your blog.


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