Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dear Younger Brittney

Of the vast stores of wisdom I could impart to you, perhaps the most valuable is this: when you go to the gym, don’t look down the locker aisles. Seriously. There is nothing over there that you want to see. “The human body is beautiful, etc. etc.” Whatever, it is awkward to make eye contact with three, buck naked, 80-year-old women. And mark my words child, that’s what happens every single time.



  1. I've been laughing and laughing about this, but my only response is one of deep horror at the thought.

  2. after i read this very unfortunately funny post to my sister we spent a significant amount of time browsing through old posts of yours. my conclusion: you are perhaps the most entertaining, sarcastic, hilarious, and very proper writer. seriously britt, if you write a book i will be the first person to preorder it online. (unless it is about some law whatever because i wouldn't get the humor i am sure.) also i love you and miss you.

  3. this is such important advice. i wish my younger self had known this. i'm with chris. deep horror.


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