Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Caltrain at Redwood City

I enthusiastically await the summer solstice every year. I love beginning each morning knowing that today will be brighter than yesterday. But this year, summer solstice is a month before the California bar, which I do not enthusiastically await. So this morning, when I caught the train after sunrise for the first time in weeks, instead of feeling the usual rush of excitement for blessed summer, I got the terrible feeling that I am flying closer and closer to the sun...

p.s. Today I took my first practice exam for the Performance Test portion of the bar. It’s on my mind... I feel it like a sunburn.


  1. ah the feeling of impending doom. i havent felt it for tests in a while but usually get it when i'm eight months pregnant...

  2. p s i'm sure you'll pull through!


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