Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This is where I like to study right now, even without my computer.

My computer crashed this weekend. "Again?" you say? Yes, for the third time in four semesters, my computer crashed. Yes, my brand new MacBook Air that I owned for 76 days wouldn't turn on Saturday morning. I have something like the Midas Touch, except instead of gold, all technology turns to dust in my hands.


p.s. As a reminder to everyone, if you have things on your computer that are important to you, back them up. It makes your life so much better if/when disaster strikes. We use dropbox, and it's awesome.


  1. That is so terrible. I learned the hard way to back everything up when my computer crashed my Sophomore year..except I didn't learn anything, got a new hard drive, and then my computer was stolen a month later. I then proceeded to never back up anything on that laptop either, and when it died (senior year) I just used a couple of jump drives to transfer everything over, and THEN when THAT one died during law school, did I have everything backed up? Of course not. Ridiculous.

    Side note: SHOUT OUT TO THE STUDY ABROAD BACKPACK! Yes, I still use mine too.

  2. cute water bottle. and the backpack looks more at home next to our couch.

  3. you gotta be kidding me?! (i said that in my head with a sort of new york italian accent. not sure why.)

    i would also like to make a shout out to the study abroad backpack!

    miss you.


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