Friday, March 22, 2013

California DMV,

Ten years ago, I studied for the Idaho driver’s test for days and days, and then I failed by one question. Luckily for me, the employee on duty looked like she walked straight out of a casting call for adorable, chubby grandmothers with hearts of gold. When she finished grading my test, DMV Grandma side-glanced around the office, and led me back into the test room, where she let me change a few answers (what are you supposed to do if you happen upon a funeral procession in Idaho?!). Anyway, I walked away with a shiny new passport to teenage freedom.

Somewhere in the last decade, I stopped driving, moved to California, and in 2011 my license expired. But last week, Chris took me to the DMV to see if I could get another driver’s license. I didn't even consider the possibility that I might have to take the written exam that day until I was actually handed the 38-question written exam by a distinctly un-grandmotherly DMV employee. At that point, failure was a foregone conclusion.

But guess what: I passed. And I have only almost crashed the truck twice since then.



  1. You are cute. And your hair is so long! Love it!

  2. oh britt. i just love you. only twice?

  3. My license expired while I was in Korea...then I lost it. Two years later I returned to the U.S. terrified I was going to have to take the written or driving exam to get a new one. I did not, phew! Congrats and happy trails! Also, that skirt! Love it.

  4. Impressed that you passed! I failed the first time I took the test in North Carolina. But I also drove five miles with my bumper hanging off on Saturday, so it really wasn't that surprising.

  5. I was super impressed when you dominated that test sans preparation. I would have bombed it for sure. great job.


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