Thursday, March 14, 2013

On marriage,

Last week we celebrated our first anniversary in Puerto Rico. We hiked to some waterfalls in a rainforest, did some pretty sweet zip lining, and we always made time to play in the warmest, most beautiful ocean I’ve ever seen. And listen. Even without trips to the Caribbean, marriage is so completely beyond wonderful. Anyway, I know it can be; it is for me.


 view from our hotel

When we were at El Yunque, Chris took the hike like it was NBD, but I nearly died. As punishment for being more fit than I am, I'm posting this picture of him in my heart sunglasses

bright red face

zip lining at Toro Verde; picture on the left from Instagram

The beach on the left is the beach at our hotel, and the adorable little tree in the right is where we relaxed for a day at Flamenco Beach.


Also Culebra, where the sand is as white as my legs.


  1. Totally agree -- marriage is beyond wonderful! Looks like such a fun trip. Happy anniversary!!

  2. Remember when we hiked the Y together and I threw up? I'm betting I would have been equally red-faced on that hike.

  3. That looks amazing. Go marriage!

  4. I have nothing clever to say. I just really like this.

  5. Thanks gorgeous. I really liked this post. Marriage is the best, but only to you.

  6. ah, the joy of being pasty! miss you. let's chat soon!

  7. Love the sunglasses!

    Happy anniversary!

  8. My stomach literally dropped when I saw that clear, blue ocean. I hope you two had an amazing time in Puerto Rico. You two are wonderful.

  9. I almost felt warm, looking at these

  10. Happy anniversary! Your pictures are lovely!

  11. Happy Anniversary (a month-odd later; blog catching-up time is limited these days)!

    Beautiful pictures.


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