Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pistol Pete,

Filling out the 2012 NCAA March Madness bracket with Aly according to which mascot would win in a fight was in the Top Two Favorite Events of last year (it took second to getting married to my best friend). This year, I can’t wait to see the Grizzlies rise up, victorious, out of the Hurricane rubble. And we weren’t surprised that an Eagle could beat a Bulldog. Please. However, we were surprised that a bunch of piddly Ducks could win in any battle against Pistol Pete. We had Oklahoma State going all the way, and I would just like to say that no matter how you stack it, a cowboy could obviously best a duck. Yet here we are, Oklahoma – disappointment that you are – here we are.



  1. ... and the mighty bearphoenix ascends heroically from the rubble....

    at least we are masters of powerful imagery?


  2. that is literally the best youtube video of all time.


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