Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Eager Anticipation:

I've been looking forward to trying these donuts for MONTHS, and donut dude gave me a FREE ONE (in addition to the five that I bought and personally consumed within 24 hours). Yeah. Pro Tip: always go to bakeries right before closing. 

The feeling of looking into the future and seeing something that genuinely thrills you to your bones – that can be hard to maintain in your last semester of law school. So I made this list, on the advice of a dear, new friend.
  • Seeing my family at graduation 
  • Not having to get up early to catch the 6:30 train 
  • A.G. Ferrari pesto with Chris 
  • Blonde brownies for General Conference weekend
  • Chocolate bunny hunting (the only hunting this Idaho girl does) 
  • Finally going to Dynamo Donuts
  • Having reliable frozen yogurt friends 
  • Watching the food network at the gym 
  • A peanut butter sundae at Ghirardelli with Aly and Tyler 
  • The smell of lavender as I fall asleep
It's a list of (mostly food-related) things that I can get excited about, even though I don’t have flashcards for finals and I’m scared of the bar. 



  1. <3 yay i made it on the list!

    I always look forward to my lunches with you... which is also food related. nomz. food brings people together AND nourishes our bodies and souls. it's just plain awesome.

  2. thanks for the tasty donuts. you're going to do great on your finals, and you're going to dom the bar. I promise.

  3. Yahoo! You're sooooo close! Keep up all the hard work girlie! xoxo

  4. what a great list! everything sounded just delightful! i need to find some "reliable frozen yogurt friends", they sound great.

  5. Well you passed the drivers test so how hard can finals be? Or the bar for that matter?
    I look forward to seeing you and Chris in St. Louis. :)

  6. I think I need to make one of these lists. Not because I'm in the final throes of law school, but because I'm in the never-ending throes of a job hunt. My list would be mostly food too ;)

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