Wednesday, April 10, 2013

SF Cable Cars

 Paintings by Christopher Clark - the first one is a perfect depiction of how I remember my first several cable car rides. 

My first semester of law school took a pretty serious toll on my complexion, and after a few weeks I had scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist near Union Square. I had to visit once a month for checkups, and then be across the city for my 9:00 am classes. While I don’t miss the acne, or having them steal my blood (to monitor liver function, etc.), I do miss the early-morning cable car. I would arrive just as the sun was rising, and spend ten minutes riding through San Francisco, just me and the cable car conductors. And I don’t care how touristy or slow or kitchy they are, I love them. They remind me of what it felt like to move here, and I feel so unspeakably lucky to be in such a beautiful place.



  1. Touristy is not a bad thing I'd it's also baller status. Which this is.

  2. you are lucky. mostly b/c you hang out with me all the time.

    but that aside, i had the same "lucky" feeling this morning when I realized that in the span of only a few months, i'm going to be able to see 99% of my favorite bands play live (minus florence + the machine): tristan prettyman, ben howard, cake, the black keys, ben harper, mumford&sons. LIKE SERIOUSLY who else in the world can do this!? the bay area rocks my socks off. and so do you. xo

  3. I'd ride those suckers all day long if I lived there.


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