Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beginning Bar Prep

In the first week of bar prep, we covered an entire semester's worth of evidence, and a semester's worth of torts in two days each.  Then on Monday, Professor Sakai comes to Santa Clara and has the audacity to say to us, "Wasn't that first week nice and slow? Not too much information? Well, beginning next week, things are going to get pretty intense."

I feel like Lucy. But instead of chocolate, it's the hearsay "exceptions,"  the "non-hearsay" and then obviously, the "not hearsay."



  1. Oh my gosh there's a difference between non-hearsay and not hearsay???? No wonder 97% of barbri takers were better than me at evidence when we did the practice test at the beginning of July...

  2. but once you get through the bar, I'll give you a conveyer belt of chocolate.


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