Sunday, June 16, 2013

Santa Clara,

I've been studying for the bar through Barbri at Santa Clara University, and I love it there. The sun is always shining. There are palm trees everywhere. The walk to the law school smells like jasmine and magnolia blossoms. It feels like the freaking Garden of Eden. Plus the undergrads are tan and happy, and they ride skateboards and beach cruisers around campus. It's a happy place, and I don't hate studying there. 


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  1. Umm... kudos for being a BAR STUDIER!! You are so legit. Also, I would hate being surrounded by tan people on beach cruisers and longboards because I'm pretty sure I would have epic jealousy every time I looked at my not-tan, out of shape self... It would be like that scene from Legally Blonde when it's Greek Week (or rush? it was something) and she's studying for the LSATs and she looks longingly out the window.


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