Monday, July 1, 2013


Dom Toretto: keeping his family together for six consecutive (glorious) movies (except for Tokyo Drift, which is truly the worst movie ever made, except I LOVE Han.)

I’m a sucker for loyalty. That’s why I love stories like the Kalamazoo Promise. It's why I love "regulars" in restaurants. And it’s why I’ve cried in every single one of the movies Chris and I have gone to see this month.

No brainer: I cried in Monsters University. I also cried in Star Trek no less than four times. And yes, haters, I cried in Fast and Furious 6 – because guess what? Those people are FAMILY, and they take care of each other no matter what.



  1. So... I was telling Brad about why I love Fast and the Furious movies, and I told him about this, naturally. Have you heard the Wiz Khalifa song "When I See You Again"? My siblings introduced me to it yesterday (because, no, I haven't seen the 7th yet because who sees movies in theatres?!)... and it's probably a new favorite. And more fun facts, the first time I went through therapy (yes, there are multiple bouts), I realized that loyalty is, like, REALLY important to me. Like, the best way for people to be dead to me is to cross the lines of loyalty. So Fast and the Furious is like my anthem. Except I don't drive fast anymore because I have kids. hahahaha.


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