Monday, September 16, 2013

The Breakfast Club

Last week we came home after being in England, Denmark, Ireland, and Iceland. Those weeks away from home made law school and the bar feel like a lifetime ago, which is to say, we returned rejuvenated and excited about the future.

My favorite part of the entire trip happened – no surprise – while eating. In our first week out, we had brunch at The Breakfast Club. I cannot overemphasize how hipster this place is. Mismatched chairs, vintage signs and board games, a random upright piano, retro kitsch everywhere… but I DIDN’T EVEN CARE because I was so happy. Our darling waitress brought us French toast, a stack of pancakes, eggs Florentine, muesli, and a pitcher of fresh orange juice. So we spent a glorious hour eating every bite of that breakfast-for-four-for-two, and singing along with Carole King, the Beach Boys, the Carpenters, and practically every other oldies song I know.

When we have people over to eat at our house, I want them to feel exactly like I felt in the Breakfast Club. We probably won’t have 70’s sing-a-longs (though that would clearly be awesome), and we probably won’t have muesli, but I hope they feel happy and comfortable and full and loved.


p.s. If you want to see an astonishing amount of our pictures, you can check out an album that Chris made over here. And here’s a list of my top eleven favorite things we did:

1. The Breakfast Club (London)
2. Standing at the top of Slemish Mountain (Ireland)
3. Hiking toward the glacier behind Skógafoss + searching for dinner afterward (Iceland)
4. Facetiming with my dad while snacking on Franske Vaflers (Copenhagen)
5. Spending 15 freezing, beautiful minutes watching the Northern Lights (Iceland)
6. Borough Market picnic (London)
7. Meeting up with Chris’ old co-workers for drinks (London)
8. Seeing Christus Consolator (Copenhagen)
 9. Wandering through the Dark Hedges (Ireland)
10. The Giant’s Causeway (Ireland)
11. The Blue Lagoon (Iceland)


  1. Your Iceland pictures look so amazing- Looks like you guys had a great time :)

    1. :) thanks - the hiking in Iceland WAS totally amazing (and I hope school is going well for you... almost done!).


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