Thursday, September 26, 2013

Waking up in Big Sur

I love camping together, and I've been wanting to go on a BFF Camping Trip for months. Then Mackenzie, being awesome, invited us to spend the weekend at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. We all met at our campsite on Friday and spent the night roasting marshmallows and joking around. In semi-related news: we did not kill any wildlife at any point on our journey, though a deer with reckless disregard for her own wildlife did her best to hit our truck on Highway 1.

Saturday morning we woke up in a redwood forest, a light rain falling through the trees, and I thought about a passage I read last month in The Blue Castle:
The woods, when they give at all, give unstintedly and hold nothing back from their true worshipers. We must go to them lovingly, humbly, patiently, watchfully, and we shall learn what poignant loveliness lurks in the wild places and silent intervals, lying under starshine and sunset, what cadences of unearthly music are harped on aged pine boughs or crooned in copses of fir, what delicate savors exhale from mosses and ferns in sunny corners or on damp brooklands, what dreams and myths and legends of an older time haunt them.
Then that immortal heart of the woods will beat against ours, and its subtle life will steal into our veins and make us its own forever, so that no matter where we go or how widely we wander we shall yet be drawn back to the forest to find our most enduring kinship.  

p.s. All of these pictures (except the tunnel one is from my instagram) were taken by Matt and Adeline Lambert. I love them both, and I cannot stop looking at their shots. They posted more from the trip on their photography blog here.


  1. The first picture makes me the most jealous of all. Big Sur tops my list of places I always want to be.

  2. I don't know how, but I missed a whole bunch of your posts and now Im going through them like a kid who discovered a secret candy stash.

    I love that you quoted The Blue Castle. One of my favorites.


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