Thursday, October 10, 2013

Generous Host

On Sunday, one of our best friends invited us over for dinner. We love eating at his place because he is a food wizard, and we often end up cooking some part of our meal with a blowtorch (this time it was sous-vide burgers). We call him Farmer Brown because he has a beautiful garden, and every time we’re over, he’ll quietly ask us if we could use a few eggplants or if we would like to take home orange cherry tomatoes that are practically luminescent.

This week I’ve been thinking about generosity as an inherent part of hospitality – and I saw that in action on Sunday. There was more than enough for us to eat, yet no ostentation. He pulled out all the stops for our visit, but appeared wholly unburdened by the occasion. Most of all, his demeanor and conversation made us feel like our time together was a genuine pleasure for him personally.

And if I could grow up to be anything, I’d like to be like that; I’d like to be a generous host.


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