Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Ravioli

Lucca Ravioli is a traditional Italian delicatessen that has been in San Francisco since 1928. You must go there immediately. They have a stunning collection of imported specialties and the most awesome cash register ever. They make beautiful, simple sandwiches wrapped in paper and twine... but I keep coming back for their ravioli.

Those little raviolis are Last Meal of My Life good. And all I have to do is boil water and I have a Final Request quality meal. Obviously, because I need to be prepared for my Last Meal at all times, our freezer has never been without one of their boxes of cheese ravioli. Never. There’s just no reason for me to put my Last Meal Happiness in such a precarious position.

Chris and I tried their pumpkin ravioli this weekend. They were sweet and savory and totally perfect for a Halloween feast. They also have a turkey ravioli during the holidays that I haven’t been brave enough to try before, but I’m doing it this year.



  1. Thank you for finding this ravioli. It is the tastiest thing in the entire world.

  2. Awesome. I will check this place out the next time I am in SF.

    1. LeeLee - It's not that far from the 24th street bart, the next time you're in America. And I'll be coming to you for Italian restaurant advice...


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