Thursday, November 7, 2013

Taco Tour

Chris’ sister was in town this weekend, and after a day of hiking in Big Basin, we decided to take her on a taco tour. Tacos. I love them. I’ll occasionally indulge in a massive burrito or spicy tamale, but tacos are my real weakness. From the pages of any Mexican menu, they sing to me in glorious, mariachi tones. So Chris started taking us on taco tours - and it's always a fun date night idea.

The process is nothing complex: we spend five minutes scanning Yelp (ignoring certain selections), pick three or four taquerias, and set out. At every restaurant, we order a taco or two each and a side (horchata, chips and salsa, beans and rice). There are so many taco shops in our area that we can usually walk from place to place, and it's a tasty way to get to know the neighborhood a little better. This time we drove, and next time I think it would be fun to take our bikes.


p.s. this time we went to 1) El Grullenese 2) El Grullense and 3) Sancho's


  1. I'm in for a future bike taco tour.

  2. When you come to Utah again, can I reserve another day for a taco tour? A lunch one. And including Tortilla Bar in Orem (which is probably my favorite restaurant in the area)... and... Bleu Poblano in Provo. and.... I'll have to find more.

    1. Yes please - I asked one of my friends to tell me the best places for tacos in SL... I totally forgot about P Town. I ate so many tacos there....


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