Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Advent Priorities

My favorite advent calendars, shockingly, do not involve candy. I prefer the the kind where we plan daily, festive activities to do together as Christmas approaches. Chris and I have done this since 2011, and this year we have added a few new activities: cable car caroling in San Francisco, hosting a progressive dinner, and tonight we're ice skating with friends. 

We're flexible with traditions, and of course there are some ideas we love but haven't gotten to every year (e.g. the Messiah Sing Along at Stanford, buying a Christmas tree, watching Home Alone), but there are some advent activities that we are 100% wedded to. If we're still living in California, I'm pretty sure we'll always make time to return to the park where we got engaged. We'll always read Luke 2. And every year, for as long as we both shall live, we will listen to Six to Eight Black Men. Some traditions are too sacred to let go. 



  1. This is hilarious and my new favorite thing, because, no joke: I was in the Netherlands last Thanksgiving and had the oppotunity to witness the arrival of Santa and his former slaves. It is not to be missed, especially if your father grew up in Alabama in the 1950s.

    1. bahaha. From the news I've been reading it sounds like the Dutch are trying to get rid of of Zwarte Piet... so if they let go of that tradition, you probably saw something the rest of us will never get to see. Jealous. Jealooooooooous.

  2. oh we have to listen to that this weekend.

  3. just so you know, this has changed my life forever. i listened to it while hanging Christmas lights (beck saw them not hanging on our porch and commanded me, "mom. lights.")... and thought it was amazing. so i made my mom listen to it. and brad. and my brother. and now we love to talk about 6-8 black men.

  4. wait... 6-8 black men beating bad children. ;)


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