Friday, February 14, 2014


Bob's Donuts November 2011

Last night Ryan invited us over to watch Cinderella, a movie I watched so many times as a child that I burned the tape out of two videocassettes. I have always loved love stories. Today, with Fairy Godmothers on my mind, I’ve been thinking about how Chris and I met, and how there’s virtually no narrative there. Being with him has been the easiest, most natural thing I’ve ever done – but that doesn’t make for great story telling.

We met at a birthday party in a bar, the next day we went to a museum, the next week we went out to dinner. The following months had surprise milkshake runs, movie nights, and holidays with our families. Then we decided to get married because we loved each other. Spending our lives together was not a surprise ending, we didn’t have dramatic obstacles, no crazy ups or downs, no plot twists, and no glass slippers.

And on this February 14th, it doesn’t seem super romantic, but I genuinely love how boring that story is.



  1. You two are perfect together and so good for each other. You definitely picked the right one. :)

  2. You guys are my favorites. Also, is there anything more romantic than Bob's on Valentine's Day? I submit there is not.

    Lastly, perhaps you could say you had a fairy story romance with the complications other (lesser?) princesses had. (We're not counting law school, right?)

  3. What do you know? I also watched Cinderella this weekend because it happens to be a favorite of Lyla's.

  4. I love this. We've got a rather "boring" (albeit a little weird) love story too, and it really is great. Happy Valentine's day, you guys :)

  5. best love story ever. seriously though, more love stories should be like this.
    also, once again, your brevity is spot on.

  6. I love our story and I especially love you.


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