Wednesday, May 21, 2014

California State Capitol

Sacramento was one of those places we wanted to visit but never did. There were a few days of, “Oh it would be so fun to take Amtrack out there for a quick weekend trip! [Insert a year of never speaking about it again]” So at 9:00 p.m. on Friday night, when Chris’ sister emailed us to say she would be racing in the Amgen Tour of California, we decided to have an unexpected weekend adventure together – and it was awesome.

Chris is a good brother. :) And this is Anne right before the race. She is amazing.
The race was really exciting. The circuit was about a mile long, so they were passing by us every two or three minutes. Chris has a video on instagram of the sprint finish (that you should watch without volume). That weekend we spent most of our time visiting with Chris’ sister and their cousins, but we did make time for a little exploring around our hotel in downtown Sacramento. We visited a beautiful Catholic church, walked through Old Town, enjoyed vegetarian burritos, and I tried my first cronut knockoff.

The BEST thing we did that weekend was walk through the California State Capitol. What a gorgeous building. I could not get enough of the amazing rotunda, the wood work, the senate, the old-timey elevators, the opportunity to take a picture next to a portrait of California Governor Ronald Reagan?!

I’m telling you, even if government buildings aren’t your thing, it’s all worth the visit.


p.s. I hear their museum at the capitol is a fun place to learn about California state history, but my pregnant body is getting big enough that I’m almost ready to apply for statehood myself. So after a lot of walking, it was time for me to head back to the hotel.

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