Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pie in Pescadero

Chris has wanted to take me to Duarte’s Tavern in Pescadero since we started dating. It’s about an hour away from where we live, but the pies are legendary throughout the land. One time, we actually drove all the way there, parked in front of the tavern, and the specifics are hazy (we think it might have been closed for a Monday holiday?) but I do remember whimpering a few asterisk-laden words and eventually we drove all the way to Santa Cruz, where I ended up crying over a chocolate ice cream cone at Marianne’s. Lots of good decisions that day.

But with Steve and Hannah in town, Chris took the day off work and we planned a day trip down the coast. We kicked off the morning by walking along Half Moon Bay State Beach, and then we took to Highway 1. Along the way, we pulled over whenever a beach looked too beautiful to pass by. We also stopped at an old favorite "Pebble Beach" that isn't on Google Maps, just Chris' trusty, actual physical map. We enjoyed an asterisked-word-free morning walking together, our pockets full of shells and shark teeth.

We ate lunch at Duarte’s, and it was everything they say it is. We shared fluffy pancakes with a berry syrup, an amazing crab melt, roasted potatoes, steamed artichoke, some artichoke soup, and then we each got a slice of pie. Even my brother who hates rhubarb (“Why would you put celery in a strawberry pie?”) loved their strawberry rhubarb pie. It’s been weeks, and I’m still trying to figure out how I can justify two hours of driving for another slice.


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