Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chicago Botanic Gardens

omg those midwestern skies

February 2010 was the winter of the Snowpocalypse in Washington, D.C., and I swear the sun hadn’t shone in three hundred years. On a couple especially dreary Saturdays I would buy a Good Stuff strawberry shake and walk through the miserable cold over to the National Botanical Gardens. I sat by myself in the orchid exhibit and hummed “Here Comes the Sun” (like a crazy person) while I finished my shake. It was humid and warm, and for a few minutes I pretended it was summer

I love botanical gardens because they always remind me of a bright spot in that “long, cold, lonely winter.”

Anyway. We visited Chris’ brother in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend. We always love spending time with Megan and Jeremiah - they are so funny - and lucky us, they’ve been members of the Chicago Botanic Gardens for three years.

Three of the five Chicago Perrys

Hannah and Jeremiah walking through my favorite tree tunnel

Those gardens were definitely a highlight of our weekend together. The grounds are enormous, and the variety of plant life is incredible. There was so much color and life and it smelled amazing. I especially loved the arid desert greenhouse and the vegetable gardens. I had a giant stupid grin on my face the entire time we were there.


p.s. This is my favorite picture from the trip because I love Zeke's little hand covering his face. He didn't like to have his picture taken... yet somehow I snuck him into all of my pictures. Worst aunt ever.


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