Wednesday, October 15, 2014

On Nourishing

Tyler and Aly by Nirav Patel

AMAZING mini tacos photo by Nirav Patel

photo of pregnant me, eating those mini tacos, also by Nirav Patel

This summer we went up to Healdsburg for Aly and Tyler’s wedding. As you can see above, it was a seriously beautiful day.  What you can't see is the warm, squishy love I felt the entire time. Those guys are solid gold, and they know how to make a girl feel loved - even at their own wedding. As I ate The Most Delicious Mini-Tacos Ever Made, I thought of this article by the fine people at roomforty, which Aly and I talked about a few months before her wedding.
So many aspects of an event serve to elevate the host or guest of honor, but food is the one aspect that truly nourishes the guest. Food is where you return the favor. Food is where you nurture those that came to celebrate you. 
Aly and Tyler totally nailed it. Those tacos made me feel SUPER loved. I wish I were eating fifteen of those babies right now. Omg.


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  1. One day I will write a snippet based on the following realization (Which might actually be something you have said because most of my "genius thoughts" are actually things I've heard from you):

    I'm pretty sure my love language is food.


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