Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Parent, Host, and Guidebook

My brother and his wife came to visit us for their Spring break again, and while they were The Best Guests, it can be complicated to host people when you have a baby. I am not The Best at it. For their visit last year my role leaned more towards personal tour guide. This year I was more like the well-meaning travel guidebook with a few outdated maps, some fun ideas to explore on your own, and an exciting new feature where I obsessively text to ask if you’re having a good, safe, non-freezing time.

Perry-free excursions included:
A photo scavenger hunt in SF
Pie in Pescadero
The gardens at Filoli
A Giants/Rockies baseball game
Brunch at Mama’s
Tour of Wunderlich

Perry/Horman excursions included:
Sushi Saturday
The Interceptor from Pirates
Lunch at Google
Breakfast at Buck’s
Hiking Crystal Springs
Hiking in Woodside
Bob’s run for fresh donuts

I think it would have been better for Steve and Hannah if I had provided a more extensive list of outings, but idk, I had a great time… At the beginning of the week I wished we did everything together, but after a few days I was surprised by how relaxed and happy I felt to stay home and snuggle with Jack in between naps. Plus it was so great when they came home and we could sit and talk, play Scattergories, and eat THREE FULL BATCHES of muddy buddies.

b perry


  1. "Exciting new feature" -- I love it. You crack me up so much!

    1. Rach, you are always so nice. And I'm super glad we have the internet since OMG I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN SO LONG


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