Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Chris Turns Thirty-Three and a Third

Chris was born on December 27, and his birthday rituals have been immutable for the last twenty-five years. Every year he's in Salt Lake with his family, they ski all day, then there is chocolate cake. I'm a sucker for long-standing traditions, so I love this about him, but it means I've never thrown a birthday party for my darling husband. This April, however, Chris turned thirty-three and a third. Obviously I had to plan something. 

Invitations: I wanted to use this picture of Chris on his first birthday, and there was a separate page with the party details (and limerick!). The backs of each piece had blue and white stripes to match the candle on his first birthday cake. I put everything together in a sleeve with the exact dimensions of a polaroid. Our guest list was basically "Chris' Previous Roommates" so I only made a few, and cutting out those little squares with a box cutter wasn't too bad.

Food: Originally, I wanted to have a narrow, six-foot long chocolate cake, but I would have ended up eating leftover cake every single meal for the rest of my life. That can't happen unless I'm on reality TV. Instead we baked all of Chris' favorite desserts: chocolate cake, brownie bites, blonde brownies, scotcheroos, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and very fudgey brownies. The empty plate you see there was for the cookies, which Chris' (truly wonderful) mother baked during the party because a) it made our house smell like grandmotherly love and b) fresh cookies are better than not fresh cookies. 

Chris and I both have a wee bit of social anxiety, so I never think of us as party people, but we actually love doing it. Chris has the best party ideas, and I love making invitations and obsessively planning. Sure, we might be unbearably awkward at the party, but we have a great time in all the preparations.  

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  1. This is the coolest. I love your fun party planning and invitations! And how you're always so creative with the four birthdays and the one-third awesome. My Chris doesn't like parties for himself and basically forbade me from throwing him a 30th birthday party last fall....but if he ever lets me throw him a party I hope it can be as wonderfully executed as one of your soirees.

    1. Please. Everything you do is wonderful, Rach. I'm really excited to see what's next for you guys because I already know you are going to CRUSH IT.

  2. This was the best party of my life. Thank you.


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