Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Breakfast Tradition

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes one year ago this week. I was a borderline case, so I didn’t have to take medication or insulin, but I did monitor my blood sugar four times a day and limited carbohydrates and sugars. Thankfully the diabetes went away after Jack was born, but many, many tears were shed at this diagnosis. A breakfast restricted to fifteen carbohydrates is a perfectly fine way to spend a morning devoid of hope, but that’s not what I want from my life.

Sure, a nice omelette and breakfast salad (which exist, btw) is fine, but hollandaise is like falling in love and getting to eat it, as they say. Chris knows this about me, and last year after a difficult Thursday night with Jack, he suggested we go get breakfast together. That morning we had arroz con leche, breakfast salad, ruby red grapefruit, egg white and mushroom omelette, and eggs on an English muffin with bacon and avocado hollandaise. OBVIOUSLY. A week later, I asked if we could go again. Six months later my pancreas and I have really settled in to my favorite, far-from-fifteen-carbs, Friday morning, family tradition.

b perry


  1. OMG HOLLANDAISE. I LOVE YOU HOLLANDAISE. You are so lucky to get to enjoy that loveliness on a weekly basis.
    I am so glad your diabeetus went away! Hooray!! I'm always so nervous when I take that orange drink test, my family is chock full of diabetics and I don't do a great job of watching what I eat.
    Also I can't believe you had to poke yourself 4x/day while puking constantly. You are one tough cookie!

  2. I love our breakfasts, but I especially love how much you love it.


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