Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Favorite Five Seattle Moments

Last week we went to Seattle, and now I feel like I understand all my friends from Seattle a little bit better (I’ve never travelled anywhere and thought that). For those lucky ducks who follow Chris’ hilarious blog, you know it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns for the Perrys, but it did have some great moments.

1. Eating freshly fried mini-donuts in Pike Place Market
Our first stop of the trip was lunch at Pike Place. Before we settled into a couple Beecher’s grilled cheeses, we impulse bought donuts from a little stand. Maybe they were delicious, I have already forgotten, but we cherished those omg-I-finally-have-food- in-my-mouth donuts. It was a sweet, private moment, even though we were surrounded by commotion and neon and fish and cherries. My senses were completely overwhelmed, and it was completely wonderful.

2. The Seattle Public Library
There is one point of intersection in the Venn diagram of Chris’ low points and Brittney’s high points, and it’s the Seattle Public Library. I could have spent hours reading under those windows, but apparently it’s a different experience when you have a boisterous, beautiful nine-month old strapped to your chest.

3. Early Morning Walk to Top Pot Doughnuts
I spent our first night in Seattle trying, unsuccessfully, to get Jack to sleep. At 5:30 in the morning, I packed him into the carrier, and we walked to Top Pot Doughnuts. The streets were empty and filled with that city sunrise light, and for a little while the world and my baby were calm. And then, since we were first in line for donuts, we feasted like kings. Old-fashioned with maple is my favorite.

4. University of Washington Campus 
Jack perfectly timed his first nap of our vacation for our walk through the University of Washington campus. Green and quiet, we saw Mt. Ranier, checked out the library, and I took a picture of this squirrel because it reminded me of Laura Taylor. The Suzzalo Library was another place I could have stayed and read forever. Now seems an appropriate time to note that Chris and I both brought books on this trip. I actually brought two. “Oh yeah, we’ll just read during his naps back at the hotel.” Oh yeah. “Naps,” we said. “Back at the hotel,” we said.

5. Snacks at Ballard Locks
Chris suggested that we visit Ballard Locks, and I’m glad we did. The fish migration was over, but we walked across the locks, saw a few boats pass through, and then sat on the grass for one glorious half hour. Jack snacked and giggled, the water was beautiful and we were all happy. Life is pretty great when can all snack and giggle together at 3:00 in the afternoon.

It doesn’t really matter where we are, but it was pretty nice to be right there.

b perry

p.s.  Honorable mentions: REI Flagship store and unbelievably nice Mother’s Lounge at University Village
p.p.s.  Stuff for next time: Almost everything, but as far as downtown, the Space Needle, Uwajimaya, and Melrose Market.


  1. That squirrel is both awesome and terrifying.

    1. I meant to send it to you on Insta... but time got away from me.

  2. The space needle is overrated anyway ;) you should take the ferry out to bainbridge next time! Ferry rides are my favorite. And the locks are awesome. And hooray for so many donuts :) you can survive anything if you've got hot fried dough.
    (PS I got your letter yesterday and totally cried. You are too kind.)

    1. We'll add that to our list for next time!

  3. SO MUCH SUN! That's what you really lucked out on. I have a picture of Dave and I in front of that pond on University of Washington campus, and you would NEVER guess in a million years that Mt. Rainier was in the background through all the haze. But also, the dreary rain is half of Seattle's charm.

    1. idk... after this draught we were kind of excited for rain. But it was so so beautiful, so I'm not complaining.

  4. You planned a fantastic set of items. Love your vacations :)


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