Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Favorite Five Victoria Moments

After Seattle, we took the ferry to Victoria. It was Jack's first international trip, and my first time in my Grandma Horman's homeland. When we first arrived, I was just grateful to step off that boat with my bruised and battered worldview that "I don't get motion sick." Then we checked into our hotel and we never wanted to leave. But we were only there for 24 hours. So we did leave. 24 hours later.

1. Magnolia Hotel and Spa
These wonderful people gave us an early check in to an upgraded room, and the first hour in Victoria was bliss because I was so deliriously excited. The view, the bathtub, the chocolates, the crib, the central location, the lunch recommendations, the many elderly guests who fawned over Jack, the staff who insisted that no one complained about Jack crying at 2:00 in the morning. I wished we spent the entire week in this superlative room.

2. Red Fish Blue Fish 
Best fish and chips I’ve ever had. Full stop.

3. Walking through Beacon Hill Park
We tried to visit Beacon Hill Park three times. Attempt one, Jack needed a nap. Attempt two, we returned to the Magnolia for a fresh diaper. Attempt three, success! And I'm glad we didn't give up. There were peacocks walking around with us, this beautiful duck pond, and (ALL respect to our Canadian brothers and sisters, but) Chris and I sang American the Beautiful as we looked over the strait at the Olympic Mountains.

4. Thunderbird Park 
Some backstory: I believed I had Native American ancestry for the first glorious 22 years of my life. I loved seeing totem poles all over town, but especially in Thunderbird Park, as we walked back and forth from the park. Six times. Jack and I made a little live-action totem pole of our own, and instead of lying to him about his non-Native American heritage, I told him stories about his actual Canadian great-grandmother.

5. Taking a Break at the British Columbia Parliament Building 
Sometimes you have to slow things down when you're traveling with your kidlets. If you're lucky, these slow moments are in beautiful places e.g. at the inner harbor, in front of the Parliament Building. Chris realized the need for a walk on the lawn sooner than I did, and that's why he is the best.

Twenty-four hours well spent, can't wait to go back.

b perry

p.s. Saved for next time: we'll rent a car and spend time hiking, and we'll make it out to Butchart Gardens.

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