Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Book Club Snacks

In my experience, book club is basically an excuse to throw a low-maintenance themed girls night. The women in my group are impressive and kind and always thoughtfully read the book whatever the selection, so I don’t feel a ton of pressure to choose the perfect book. No, for me the real secret to book club is coming up with clever and delicious snacks. I’m pretty sure that’s the secret to any club. So I made a list of a dozen of my favorite book/snack combinations below!

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Books and food pairings I actually used when it was my turn for a book selection
  • Dandelion Wine: In this book dandelion wine is one of the rites of summer. So I choose Gravenstein apple cider since that is one of my rites of fall.
  • Dad is Fat: Jim Gaffigan has this bit about kids snacks that are healthy in no way, but they’re “organic” so we somehow feel better. I went to Trader Joe’s and bought four kinds of organic kids crackers and cookies. 
  • The Trouble With Poetry: Ideally, you’d serve coffee for this poetry reading, but since we don’t drink coffee I brought a bunch of other drinks you could get at a coffee shop 
  • Upstairs at the White House: a small snacking spread including fruit gushers, since this book was written by the White House chief usher. 
  • As You Wish OR The Princess Bride (which Chris and I read together and then had a date night in where we ate these snacks and watched The Princess Bride) Chips of insanity, mutton lettuce tomato sandwiches, bottle of wits (IBC root beer) chocolate cake balls shaped like a Miracle Max pill, and peanut (Princess) buttercups.


  1. We saw Jim Gaffigan's stand-up routine in downtown Portland the other night - it did not disappoint. Based on his stand-up though, I definitely would have chosen donuts. Or maybe private jets - he said that ever since he did a bit on donuts, he receives free donuts wherever he goes; he said that he wanted to start incorporating private jets into his routine, so that he might be given those for free instead. (But definitely NOT hot pockets, because why would anyone torture themselves in that way.) loveyoulongtime. Also, I wish I could be in your book club - sounds enlightening and delicious. xox

    1. Aly. When I saw that on Insta, I almost died. So jealous. And you and me were in a book club once. If "law school" counts as a book club with like a hundred members and your book is "Pain" every day? Basically book club.

  2. oh my goodness. your book club = AMAZING. I want in! I particularly appreciate your Princess Bride date night <3
    there is a book club here, and I went to last month's meeting, but the book was really "meh" and none of us liked it. "Saving CeeCee Honeycutt" is definitely skippable, in case you were wondering. though it IS set in 1960s Georgia, so the snack possibilities are delightful! but that's about all it has going for it, haha.

    this month's read is Uncle Tom's Cabin.....and my friend who's hosting was like "oh cabin food would be fun!" - haha. I guess that's probably the best thing you can pick for that, though ;)

    1. So I guess I haven't spent enough time in cabins because I don't know what qualifies as cabin food? This month we're reading Where'd You Go Bernadette (it mostly takes place in Seattle!).

    2. Why am I so bad at replying to your comments?! Anyway....I don't know what "cabin food" is either. But the book club meeting is tomorrow, I'll let you know once I discover this mystical food genre ;) and that book sounds amazing! Think of the fantastic snacks!! I'm thinking I should find a way to take over this book club and become its benevolent dictator. It's kind of dying (like 2-3 people usually come and maybe 1 has read the book) and nobody enjoys the books they've picked to really they just need me to take over. Right? I thought so.

  3. You do a great job at getting snacks. And I love the leftovers. I did NOT eat every gusher, no that was not me.


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