Thursday, August 20, 2015

Perry Picture Books: Board Books

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Jack has a very simple decision tree. "Can I frantically lunge after it? THEN YES! I'LL PUT IT IN MY MOUTH!" This behavior is adorable when it's tiny pieces of food. It's terrifying when it's nickels or plastic bags or garbage off the streets.

Actual question: when does the IN MY MOUTH phase end? In a year? In two years? The point is, I assume we will be reading board books together until Jack is willing to negotiate through a more sophisticated decision model. In the meantime, he deeply believes books are delicious.

b perry

Jack's Favorites
because they're very hands-on

Baby Animals (Touch and Feel)
This is his favorite right now. He loves to pet the bunny, open the cover, pet the bunny, close the cover, pet the bunny... Unlike many other feely books, the fur hasn't shed even a little, which is lucky because otherwise this bunny would be bald.

Hidden Treasures by Val Chadwick Bagley
This has flaps on every page that he loves to open and close. Plus, you know, scripture study for babies.

In My Meadow by Sara Gillingham
There is a whole series of these books, but Jack's favorite is the bunny. He loves to help the puppet bunny eat strawberries and take a sip from the stream.

Itsy Bitsy Spider by Charles Reasoner 
Does this book fit into my design sensibilities? No. But the layered edges help Jack turn the pages, and he chooses this one first almost every time. I would happily pick up a few more from this series because he is always entertained.

Tails by Matthew Van Fleet
Sure, he’s ripped out both of the foxes’ tails, but he Laugh Out Loud LOVES this one. I think it would be fun to get Van Fleet's Heads book and then keep Heads and Tails together on the shelf. 

That’s Not My Duck by Fiona Watt
I don’t know what it was about this book, because it's so simple but Jack was always so calm when we read this one, so for his first six months this was easily the most read book in our house.

Wiggle! March! by Kaaren Pixton
Not technically a board book, but we can read this one together without fear, and he thinks animal noises are hilarious.

Classics in Board Form
We also have a small collection of classics we read a lot because they're MY favorites. I like having these because they are loved-precious but not delicate-precious.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Goodnight Moon
Are You My Mother?
Moo, Baa, La La La


  1. Zoe is now two and we can venture into non-board books without fear of her eating them. However, I think Beck chewed up another board book this summer so I can't say with confidence that this phase ends for every child? We have a Brown Bear that has lost its cover and is literally chewed on all the corners. And also we have "In my Forest" which I think is so sweet (and I'm so glad it's not SUUUUPER obscure because I wondered if it actually was a terrible book that I was forcing because I thought it was cute). And we just barely got into flap books because Beck just wanted to rip the flaps off for the first four years of his beloved life.
    I love the "That's Not My _____" series by Usborne books. Zoe LOVES the panda one and we also own the monster and tiger. I would find someone who has them first so you can actually see the book you purchase because they all have different texture pieces and some of them are better than others.
    Also, Hippopposites. Hipposites? It's on my list.
    I love you through and through by Caroline something Church. Not my favorite illustrations but definitely a loving one to read.
    Time for Bed. We were gifted this by the Maine Hospital when Zoe was born (they gave us like five to seven books and it was awesome) and Beck LOVES to read it.
    Also, foam books. We have a handful of those that have been gnawed to pieces.
    Oh wait, you child doesn't CHEW EVERYTHING LIKE A DOG?! He just wants to put it in his mouth? Well this is embarrassing. PS I do believe that it is a normal child development phase? Oral? No? It's how they learn?

  2. Also, chunky puzzles!!!!

  3. Daisy still has a pacifier for a reason. She licks poles at the store and eats rocks and all sorts of strange things without it to suck on....but she is weird. Most of our board books have been eaten. I asked my pediatrician about the in-my-mouth phase (I think at her 18mo checkup?). He just laughed and said at a work barbecue recently, another pediatrician's 4yo son was eating sand and dirt. Still. He also said as your kid doesn't eat batteries or TWO magnets (one magnet is fine, two = tangled guts)'re good. Not what I wanted to hear but still comforting :P

    Love these books. We have That's Not My ____ books and Daisy STILL loves them. I also loved Fuzzy, Fuzzy, Fuzzy! By Sandra Boynton, another touch&feel that holds up decently. I also just love anything by Boynton, she makes me laugh. Goodnight Moon was our bedtime story for a year straight. But really, Daisy loves those free books that Kaiser gives out during checkups. They're strange but she read them to death (literally)!

  4. Also does it bug you that the mini board book version of Are You My Mother is totally edited for length?! They leave out some of my favorite parts! And they don't do justice to the big SNORT at all. But I used to read it to the kids I nannied like 5x a day and still have it memorized, so maybe normal people don't notice.....

  5. My son is two and doesn't do the into-the-mouth thing very often, but I still have to watch closely. Because, surprise surprise, as a boy, his favorite things to find are little tiny rocks. A mother's mouth nightmare... I think by 3 they are out of it though! Hang in there!!


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