Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Date Night Discussions

A favorite picture of us joking around at our wedding - by Matt McDaniel
There’s an episode of New Girl where Nick’s surly girlfriend is all, “What do you want me to do? Go to brunch? Are we supposed to, like, read articles and then talk about them together? Okay?! I’m never going to be that kind of girl!”

I am exactly that kind of girl. Is that not cool? I genuinely believe that eating brunch together on a Saturday morning while Chris and I talk about this week’s obituary from the Economist is the absolute coolest thing in the world. A significant percentage of our emails are discussing some article or blog post we read that day.

And if that’s not cool, then getting-to-know you questions are probably way, way less cool. I take to those silly questions like a duck to water. It’s not like we do it every day, but sometimes when we’re lying in the hammock or walking Jack through the neighborhood, I’ll ask Chris about the first CD he ever bought, or the first movie he remembers seeing in theaters. He is so thoughtful in his answers that the questions don’t feel contrived. It's the sweetest.

So. A small sampling of what we've been talking about over the last week.

  1. If you could have ten acres to run some kind of family farm, what would you grow?
  2. If you had to be trapped inside one giant food and the only way to escape was to eat your way out, which food would you choose? (Stolen from Cup of Jo)
  3. If you or I were president, what would our secret service code names be? (Stolen from the GOP debates)
  4. Would you rather be crazily wealthy but live in relative obscurity, or struggle financially but be known for good throughout time? 
  5. This article about the actual data we have about pornography
  6. Making these brownies, which we did, but first we had to read the article and talk about it extensively.
  7. A million awesome airplane things from this 747 book. Chris read it first, and now I want to.
  8. And all the legends in The Once and Future King.

And maybe it's just because we're so close to October, but I'd want to have an apple orchard with a tiny pumpkin patch out front. And I wouldn't need to grow the orchard for money because I'd also MOST DEFINITELY be living in secret, fabulous wealth.

b perry

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  1. Dude. I love those silly questions too! But in always at a loss when it comes to thinking them up. I think the one o came up with once was "if I was turned into a dog would you take me on walks for the rest of my life?" but that mostly only applies when you're not, you know, already married and cleaning up each other's puke and various other grossness. Way worse than walking a dog. Hahaha ;) so I'll totally be stealing your questions.

    We are serial article reader-discussers, though. And huge believers in breakfast foods, though we're not fancy enough to actually call it brunch ever :P Isn't it great to have someone around to discuss everything with while stuffing your face?!

  2. What?! Since when is brunch and talking about real things not cool?!


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