Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Magic Behind Labor Day Weekend

Chris knows about all the cool hikes (he did a write up about some of his favorite Bay Area hikes here!), and exploring new territory with him and Jack is my favorite way to spend the weekends together. This weekend we hiked The Purisima Trail, which I loved because even though it’s about twenty minutes from our house, I feel like I’m in the middle of some ancient forest. The best part was when Jack spent a few minutes talking to a crow. He would chirp out, and the crow would call back, and our hearts exploded.

Every Spring we say that this will be THE summer: weekly picnics, international travel, pool parties, and demolition derbies. But August ends, and no it wasn’t; it never is. The air starts to get crisp around the edges, the light gets long, and we’ve only gone to the farmer’s market twice. But the first weekend in September is a blessed long weekend dedicated to banishing a few of the summer ghosts that haunt you. Squeeze in one last trip to the lake, or see an outdoor movie, or – for the Perry family – hike through a redwood forest.

And after a few hours in the forest we drove home and put Jack to bed. The sun set with it all our beautiful summer intentions, and it was okay that summer is over. We can pull out our sweaters. Fires will warm our living room. The leaves will turn gold and fall from the trees with the autumnal gravity of things left unsaid.

b perry

p.s. if you want to follow along with our weekend hikes, Chris and I usually post them on Instagram under #perrysinthewild. It is a hashtag that I one hundred percent stole from a girl in my college ward, but you know, “great hashtaggers steal” or something.


  1. I love this. It's true what you say about Labor Day! And your hikes are amazing.

  2. I don't know about summer, but this autumn will be THE autumn: we'll watch Harry Potter outside and snuggle when it gets cold, and we'll bless every day it's not 90+.


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