Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Half Birthday at the Park

I know it’s not as cool as being a Leap Day baby, but Jack’s half birthday is February 29. Aaaaand we had to throw a party to celebrate. It was more of a glorified afternoon at the park, but I’ll take any event as an excuse to mail an invitation.

I put The Best Confetti Ever in glassine envelopes, wrote the party details on the back, used this year’s Valentine’s Day stamp, and had them hand-stamped at the post office. I think it’s my favorite thing I’ve ever mailed. A couple friends texted me pictures of their kids having a mini-party with the confetti, which never even crossed my mind as a possibility. I don’t think I’d ever knowingly open an envelope with confetti in it because I hate cleaning. Hate.

You can’t really have a “theme” for a park day, but for a bit of a visual we had funfetti cupcakes, and few of those confetti balloons that completely took over Pinterest that one time.

At 18 months, Jack didn’t care about any of those details. But I’ll tell you what he did notice: we spent three hours at his favorite park, and Chris took the day off work (“He’s a Mormon, you know how they are about Leap Day”). That was enough for him to feel happy and loved, and that was the whole point.

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  1. Most beautiful invitations ever! Such a brilliant idea. I'm with you though, I love confetti but I do not love messes. Hahaha


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