Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Vacation Happiness

All the research says that money actually does buy happiness if you use your money to buy experiences rather than physical possessions. One of the ways that this works best for me is in the anticipation of the experience. In July I was afraid of Chris going back to work, so I booked a room at the Madonna Inn for a week in October.

I got so excited that I actually used my kids' naps to research and pin instead of take a nap myself. Like a crazy person. Over the last few weeks, the anticipation of that trip has made me happy even when Jack is obstinate about sitting in his high chair to eat. I put Zoe on a blanket that looks like it will be right at home at the Madonna Inn, and even if she is going through a growth spurt, we’ll be in San Luis Obispo as a family in a couple months. nbd. We haven't planned anything fancy, but I like the feeling of something bright pink on the horizon.

I’m surprised at how happy I’ve felt lately, and I think one of the reasons (aside from a ludicrously supportive husband) is all the planning for this trip makes me soul-bursting happy. And we haven’t even gone yet.

b perry

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