Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Special Family Picture Collection

Two-ish years ago I read Happier At Home by Gretchen Ruben. She talks about why we should have photographs in our homes, the importance of family ritual, and how buying physical possessions for happiness is okay too (it’s not just about buying “experiences.”). And I can’t remember if she recommends this specifically, but I wanted to create a family photo collection of some kind, preferably around some holiday. 

It’s tough to find a consistent set of Perry Family pictures for any holiday. Every December my mom brings out thirty years worth of Christmas pictures, and I wish I could replicate that for my own family. Sadly, Christmas is not my day for family pictures. Christmas is my day for staying inside, never putting on makeup, eating every carb, and watching all the movies. Every Easter it feels like Instagram is exclusively family pictures. We don’t take Easter pictures? There’s no reason, I just haven’t done it. Nothing for Valentine’s Day or St Patrick’s Day or Flag Day.   

But you know what holiday I always take a picture for? Halloween. I even have the three Halloween pictures where it’s just Chris and me (before we started creating the next generation of adorable geniuses). 

I wanted to get a special collection of Halloween frames to go with those pictures, but I quickly learned that if you’re looking for non-tacky, non-homemade, non-$billion, Halloween picture frames, you’re out of luck, Bucky. In two years of earnest searching I’ve only bought one. So I’m pretty sure I’m going to stick with a color palate, and buy Halloween frames if I’m ever lucky enough to find them. 

This week while Zoe napped, I turned on Toccata and Fugue, and Jack and I brought out the collection. His enthusiasm for the whole experience was infectious. He loves looking at family pictures, loves opening boxes, loves putting things in their proper place. And I loved it too. It's so sweet to start traditions with Jack. It’s exciting to see how our family has grown in five years. It’s fun to have our home reflect the change of season. 

I like the idea of doing this together every October. 

b perry

p.s. This yellow frame is what I bought for this year's pictures. There are two photo spots so we can have one family picture and one that's just Zoe on her first Halloween. 

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  1. I'm SO excited to help you continue the tradition, which is, in my opinion, the bets tradition. We've got that going on too. Makes me so happy.


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