Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Family Pictures

As I mentioned last week, Rachel (of Rachel Takes Pictures) came to our house and captured our life at home like it really is. Okay, I’m wearing makeup, but everything else is accurate. It's a little too accurate: there is a bed frame on our front porch, a vaccuum on our back porch, and I barely fit into any of my clothes.

Here's a glimpse of what it's like at the end of the day when Daddy comes home.

After spending hours looking these perfect pictures of our imperfect life, I decided to make our family photographs more of a priority. Chris and I have been married four years, and we’ve hired a professional photographer four times. It hasn’t been one photographer per year, but we end up with a couple “family pictures” every year even if we didn’t hire someone.

I like the idea of having a system, but I don’t think I could commit to one thing for the next few decades. I know some people have the same photographer every year, and they take the family pictures in the fall. There’s such a warm, loyal feeling about that. But also? I want to get our family picture taken in Hawaii. And one year I want to have everyone wear the loudest plaid patterns I can find. Oh, and I want to have a family picture with a mariachi band (a marching band was my first choice, but Chris vetoed that). How cool would it be to have your family portrait painted one year. And obviously I want to try out an editorial-style studio shoot sometime.

It would be amazing to have your regular family photographer every fall in addition to the madness described above, but $$$$$$$$$.

What is your system for family pictures? Do you have a system? Have I put an abnormal amount of thought into this?

b perry


  1. No system, and I keep thinking I want more. We lucked out to get maternity pics done when I pregnant the first time since my best friend the professional photographer happened to be in the same place as me, and then we were given a giftcard the next year to use, and we've had another friend just offer to do them for free to build up her gallery as she's just starting out.
    HOWEVER. One of my friends just listed that she is doing these custom family portraits and I'm like, over the moon about them! You can pick superhero or mermaid or royalty (or some others I'm sure).

  2. We were just at disneyland and thought how fun it would be to get a caricature done of the whole fam sometime (when its complete)! We almost got one on our honeymoon and thought it would be so fun to have both someday. They are just pretty expensive ($30 a person) so it would be a very special kind of family portrait :)

  3. MARCHING BAND?!?!! That would be awesome.
    Our system for family photos is simple. Any time we are close to my sister I make her take them for us, because she is stupid talented and we are stupid poor. Haha! But seriously, I'd love to do something more organized.

    You should add getting portraits taken in stereo to your list. Haha!


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