Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Five Favorite San Luis Obispo Moments

Right before we go on vacation, always, I think I'm a genius. I research, I have options, and I truly believe that the vacation will be perfect. Not in that "hopeful and optimistic" way, in that "pride cometh before the fall" way.

Chris and I hoped San Luis Obispo would be the perfect place for a family vacation before the holidays, and it ACTUALLY WAS the perfect place for a family vacation. Now, a super picture-heavy collection of my five favorite moments.


1. Arriving at The Madonna Inn 
We chose San Luis Obispo because I have this theory that while we're traveling with little kids, I need to optimize for the place where they sleep. The most important things for me are 1) the kids need their own sleeping space and 2) there have to be kid-friendly activities on site.
OMG did the Madonna Inn deliver in every imaginable way.

First, all the rooms are kitschy and themed. We stayed in the Sky Room, and it was perfect. It was huge, quiet, and had a dark second floor with two beds for our two babies. Then, our own bed was luxurious and separated from our wonderful children.

Second, Jack loved exploring the hotel while Zoe napped. We swam in their infinity pool every day. We rented their bocce ball equipment. We walked through the gardens and grounds. We ran around the tennis courts. We caught Pokemon just sitting in our hotel room. There were horses. There are tons of hiking paths. There was a guy on a backhoe who let Jack throw a few rocks in the loader and then sit up in the chair. We will definitely be staying here again.

2. Pink Champagne Cake in our hotel bathroom
Easily my favorite moment of the trip was our third night at the Madonna Inn. Both kids went to bed without a problem, and Chris walked to the bakery to pick up two slices of Pink Champagne Cake. We laughed on the bathroom floor for the rest of the night. 

3. Pismo Beach 
I didn't go to Pismo Beach. I slept while Jack and Chris went. But the glamor shots of the minivan were hilarious, and sleeping in is the best of all the things in the world.

4. Walking through Downtown SLO 
Jack, sweet boy, is pretty particular about his napping arrangements. He had no problem going to bed at night, but he refused to nap at the hotel. So every afternoon I took him out in the stroller (where he fell asleep instantly) and walked downtown.

That place is darling.

I had researched a few places, so I got to explore all on my own, essentially kid-free. Those walks ended up being my second favorite part of the trip. When Zoe woke up at the hotel, Chris would come join us for an afternoon snack.

The first afternoon we ate at Novo. There's patio seating along a quiet little creek, and not many people eating at 3:00 in the afternoon. It's the perfect place for a cheese plate and drinks. Jack has been asking that we go out for drinks ever since, and it's preeeeeeety cute. The next day we went to Scout Coffee for a giant cookie and some milk. Also delicious, also adorable.

5. Apple Picking 
In a different world, a world where we could have had all afternoon to wander and hike, we would have explored the whole Avila Valley Apple Trail. Instead we drove to one orchard, picked six apples off the trees, and went back to the hotel. It wasn't the full experience, but it was our first time apple picking as a family, and it was lovely.

saved for next time: We cancelled our Hearst Castle tickets, we didn't get to the SLO Children's Museum, I wanted to check out a natural hot springs spa, and some day I hope we can send Jack and Chris four-wheeling on Pismo Beach. The thing is, it is a three hour drive south of us, which is close enough that when Jack didn't nap at the hotel even one time, we could come home early.


  1. All of the heart eyes!!! This is my kind of vacation. The Madonna Inn looks fantastic and all of this business is tugging on my California heartstrings.

  2. Um, this is officially on my list of to-see's.

  3. This trip looks so lovely. Also, you and Chris make beautiful little humans. They are so dang cute.


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