Monday, February 13, 2017

Sweet Book Dedications

In law school I developed an interest in book dedications. The first page of my Contracts or Torts textbook would have a few words to the author’s wife (and yes, they’re mostly written by men), and I laughed a little. “Oh this giant treatise is for ME?! Honey. You shouldn’t have.”

Even if it’s a textbook on the Federal Income Tax, it’s not without some romance that this thing - this somewhat monstrous thing - that you’ve created, you want to dedicate to a person you love. It’s something like a tiny Valentine.

That said, last Valentine’s Day I wanted to blog about my favorite book dedications. I don’t read many legal texts these days, but I do read ahecka lot of picture books. So I’ve had one glorious year to sift through hundreds of picture book dedications. I’m prepared to definitively state that my very favorite book dedication in the last year is… a pirate book. Pirates of the Sea! by Brandon Dorman. Admittedly not very Valentiney, but Jack loves it because we sing the whole book to the tune of “A Pirates Life for Me.”

I assume the book is dedicated Dorman's three sons, but the way he writes it is too tender.  “For me three swashbucklin’ mates: Sourpatch Sam, Jolly-Cheeks Jackson, and Mighty Max. Ye be ME treasure.”

Anyway. That’s the best pirate Valentine I ever read.

b perry

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  1. Oh my goodness. I love this. I am fascinated by book dedications as well!


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