Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dating My Husband

When Chris and I were engaged I told him how much I wanted to have a weekly babysitter for our future children, but I didn’t actually implement that plan until our fourth anniversary. Last February, my favorite girl started coming over after Jack went to sleep, and Chris and I went out almost every week for four months.

I should have kept a list of our nights out, but I didn’t. We took a class at REI. We went to Stanford volleyball games. We signed up to volunteer at the food bank. We rode our bikes to taco trucks. Nothing crazy. But what we did was irrelevant because just going out (even to the movies, even to dinner), just doing something together was exciting and rejuvenating. It brought an indispensable intimacy to our marriage.

As parents of young children our lives are built around structure and control. That predictability brings its own incandescent happiness, but mixed in with that wonderful (inescapable) repetitiveness I need novelty and surprise. I want habit and adventure, routine and excitement. I still want to have moments of reckless abandon.

So for our fifth anniversary SINCE WE’RE NOT HAVING ANY BABIES I’m planning a whole year of weekly dates. But I’m writing them down this time because it’s fun for me, a clinically obsessive list-writer. So far, we’ve gone shopping for silverware, had a romantic dinner in Half Moon Bay, and this week will be our first date night in.

So since I’m planning at least 52 of these dates, please tell me: What’s the best date you ever had? What are your go-to favorite date nights? How do you make a date night IN feel extra special? How do you find babysitting? Who plans your dates? I want to hear how you’ve figured this out because... I have not figured this out.

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  1. One of our favorite things to do is to go shopping somewhere we love but is somewhere we don't normally spend money (like Lush or Williams sonoma) and say "Okay, we can buy ONE thing" and then we go test everything out until we are satisfied with our ONE choice :) it's totally one of the random, fun things we do for date night. Super easy but ends up being so fun! We also LOVE to go to Toys R Us or some other store that has board/card games or puzzles and buy one, along with a favorite snack, and then bring it home and play it. We found that to be a surprisingly cheap but very fun date. Plus, it builds our board game collection in the process! Oh, and for our anniversary last year I researched a bunch of things to do/eat in SF and then wrote them on little sticks and put them in a jar. And when we find ourselves in a date night rut we pull a stick out!


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