Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Pampering, for the Unfancy

One of the few pictures that includes my v fancy pedicure. Picture by Rachel

In December I turned 30. It’s common for birthdays to carry a little baggage, but they never have for me. I usually like to have a big party and set new goals. I set one goal: write 30 letters to 30 people (more on this later), but I didn’t feel up for a party.

I didn’t feel like myself - inside or outside. Zoe turns a year next month, and I am finally starting to feel like myself again, but back in December? Yikes… Then there was my sneech-shaped body. You would think being sick for the better part of a year would make you super skinny, but from all appearances, my body did not so much suffer from nine months of nausea as it rejoiced in it. My arms and chins and love handles really threw themselves into the celebrations.

Anyway, I was doing my best to feel better on the inside, but I decided if I couldn’t feel beautiful on the inside, I wanted to feel beautiful on the outside. When Chris asked what I wanted to do, I said I wanted to wear a pretty dress, have a nice dinner, and maybe get my hair or makeup done. Then we were out of town for my birthday, and we decided to postpone.

But the best thing happened! We spread out all the pampering. In January I rented a fancy dress to go to the SF ballet. In February I got my very first pedicure. My friend gave me a makeover in March. The whole thing has evolved to something way better than one day of overindulgence. My friend, Amanda, called it the Year of Fancy, and I went with it.

No, I never had a pedicure, because deep down I’m just a little Idaho spud. My usual choices for pampering are hilariously, gratuitously unfancy. I lean towards sweat pants, artificial flavoring, and movie marathons. But I’ll tell you what, pedicures aren’t bad.

I know we can’t all afford to be fancy all the time, but do you do “fancy” things when you need a pick-me-up? Have you had your hair blown out? Do you get massages? Have you tried bath bombs!?! Do you collect artisanal dark chocolate? Do you go the symphony or the opera? Do you prefer fine dining? Do you stay at boutique hotels? WAIT WAIT WAIT: Do you do fancy things because you are actually fancy on the inside?!!!

Ooo-bee-doo. I wanna be like you-hoo-hoo. You’ll see. It’s true. Someone like me can learn to be like someone like you-hoo-hoo.

 b perry

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  1. Ahaha I love you!!!! Year of fancy. That sounds amazing.
    I feel like Daisy is one of those truly fancy inside and out ladies. So foreign to me, but so adorable. Fancy Nancy is her spirit animal.

    I've only had a pedicure done once, but that's because I'm cheap. I love doing my nails! I just don't love paying other people to do them. I feel like I'm very DIY fancy because I'm too cheap for true fancy pants-y ness.
    I like to buy myself nice chocolate though!


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