Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

I wanted to follow up last week's post with my favorite pick from this year's Mother's Day pictures by Rachel (more here). If you felt like you were finally free from the emotional baggage of Mother's Day posts, I am genuinely sorry to ambush you.

So many people carry so much pain on Mother's Day, and I never know what to say to respect everyone, so I usually say nothing. But this year I did a four-second Instagram story, and I'll say this here: I love these two babies, and I feel no greater honor than being their mother.

b perry

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  1. I was asked to teach the combined RS/YW lesson on Mother's Day this year and felt the same way. What do you talk about that's for everyone? We ended up doing an open discussion about our mothers/mother figures and scriptures. Which led to someone quoting Hamilton and discussing Mother in Heaven...I think it turned out nicely and gave room for everyone to feel something good!


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