Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mother's Day Traditions

We have a few Mother’s Day traditions, and one is taking a special Mother’s Day picture of me with our kids. I like to find a big flowery spot and I spend five minutes making Chris profoudly uncomfortable being my Instagram husband. I posted about it on Facebook a couple months ago, and then (and you have to understand this NEVER happens to me, so I was very excited) a few people actually asked me about how I choose traditions. Anyway, I wanted to talk about it here.

There is only one rule for a Perry tradition. Perry traditions are flexible. They’re are easy to throw together last minute and still be meaningful, but they can also be bedazzled. Flexible traditions have a little grace if you miss a year or celebrate a little late. Flexible traditions are less stressful because they accommodate the life we have, even when we don’t have much money or if we’re very sick. When Chris and I got married I had six-figure debt from law school and he was working at a startup. Then with my pregnancies I spent 18 months exhausted and disgusting. What I’m saying is, our annual traditions had to adjust to times of plenty and times of hardship.

Yes, it would be delightful and maybe even ideal to throw an extravagant party every Christmas or to spend every Flag Day in Bali. Maybe someday we’ll have traditions like that, but not yet.

Did you have Mother’s Day traditions growing up? I think most people have really great Christmas traditions or birthday celebrations, so I LOVE hearing about those. Do you have any other favorite holiday traditions? Maybe you do something extra special for Valentine’s Day or the Fourth of July? Do your traditions kind of form organically or are you purposeful in your planning? This is one of my favorite subjects, please share, I would love to hear more about this!

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  1. I have several:
    - I listen to this Dave Matthews Band concert recorded 2 year to the day after 9/11 on 9/11 because it somehow captures the hope and the fear and most importantly the need to remember
    - On July 4th, I have two rules: I want to be at a baseball game and I want to see fireworks
    - I consider baseball's Opening Day to be a holiday and I haven't missed it in years
    - On Valentine's day I just want heart shaped pizza, but have been satisfied by "round" the last few years
    - Our family goes skiing on Christmas Eve (or close to it)
    - I like to run and hide on my birthday, it's weird being celebrated
    - After concerts, I go to Bob's Donuts, a tradition started by Shoe and Kimball

  2. OMG HOW HAVE I MISSED ALL OF YOUR BLOG POSTS it's like Christmas now I'm going to read them all!

    I love this Mother's Day tradition. And I love that your traditions are flexible! Traditions are so weird and foreign to me, because we didn't have many growing up. As my Mom says, "our family tradition is we have no traditions" haha. But I love them and I want more of them!
    I try to have pie every Pi day. I like listening to "creepy" classic rock songs every Halloween and making costumes.
    I want to institute an Easter week thing where we talk about Christ and his life, re enact Palm Sunday, so a Passover dinner, all that. Next year...

    The one thing we ALWAYS did when I was younger, was drive through a "Christmas in the park" light show with our best-friend-family. We alternated hosting a big donut/hit chocolate feast afterward. So every Christmas I crave an amazing cheesy light show....but haven't found another to top the one from my childhood! Someday I want to take my kids back to Missouri for the same one I used to go to.

  3. One of my favorite parts of this is FLEXIBILITY. It is essential in families, I have found. We try. I feel like we have obscure traditions down, but when it comes to big holidays it's a lot of pressure. We try to replicate the food from holidays during our growing up years. It's been strange to create traditions organically while we are away from family and in a new place all the time. (Michigan, Kentucky) But here are some that I'd like to continue:
    -Independence Day- last year we went to a BBQ with friends and then late that night we found a little spot and watched fireworks with our girls. They thought it was magical. Basically, I think that's all I need, BBQ and fireworks.
    - Valentine's Day- I ordered Jelly Belly sour hearts (look for them on Amazon!) and we went around the table and gave a heart to each person as we told them something we love about them. It was really sweet to hear what Lyla had to say.
    -Our Anniversary- We always splurge on a fancy dinner date. And then we also have a special dinner at home with our girls and call it "Our Family's Birthday". They love is and we all drink Martinelli's.
    -Birthdays- I still haven't quite figured them out for us yet. I love to be celebrated, Jordan, not so much. For the girls I try to do what they really love on the day of and then have a theme of their choice party with their friends. Farrah has yet to have this because she was very sick last year. Lyla always has her party at our home/ the park.
    - When there's enough snow at the park- Jordan takes Lyla across the street to the park to go sledding and last year pulled her with the little 50 dirtbike. This definitely needs to be a tradition. Also, sledding down a hill. We've got to do that.
    - Springtime flowers- Every spring my mom would take us to the small town nursery and let us choose all the annual flowers we wanted to fill up one large planter container and then we would take it home and plant the flowers and all summer we each took great care of these little planters. I started that kind of with my girls this year and want to build on it.
    -Derby Day- Someday I will host an adult only Derby party where big hats are required and we all sip Mint Juleps and eat hot brown sliders and derby pie.
    -In Kentucky a family invited us to share Christmas Eve with them and lots of other family friends for a Breakfast in Bethlehem party where they had Middle Eastern- ish breakfast food, crafts for the kids, and each family shared a spiritual message or song. It was so awesome and a great friend/ family party.
    So, there you go. Goodness this is a huge comment. :)


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