Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Tricks for Date Nights In

I had to find a substitute babysitter a few months ago, and -- I swear to you -- I called TEN YOUTHS. Ten. I asked TEN kids if they wanted to get paid twenty bucks to sit on my couch and watch our 4k television while our children were 100% asleep. Woof. 

We have a weekly babysitter set up for the summer, but until then I've been trying improve our date nights in. My sister-in-law, Hannah, is the queen of making simple things feel special, so I asked her for some ideas, and this is what we came up with together:
  • Call it a date - Turns out, making homemade ice cream together can be a super fun date night if you just call it that in advance. 
  • Mail an Invitation - A couple years ago I rented Guardians of the Galaxy and mailed a postcard-sized movie poster to Chris' office. It's a silly thing, but it made us both excited for a movie night on the couch.
  • Dress up - You know that scene in Beauty and the Beast where Mrs. Potts sings "Tale as Old as Time"? THAT WAS A DATE NIGHT IN YOU GUYS. Sure, their house is a castle. True, I have not yet achieved Emma Watson's level of insane good looks... I'm just saying that putting on a fancy dress can be a game-changer. Do your hair. Wear some makeup. "Just a little change, small to say the least," etc. It worked for Belle. 
  • Get outside - Lounging in the hammock in your backyard or even hopping out on your balcony for a small treat can be a fun escape. 
  • Decorate - Hannah puts out flowers, lights candles, plays music, arranges the furniture to make the space feel different, and just does her best to shake things up. When we played Scattergories last weekend I brought out a couple strands of Christmas lights, and it was cheesy but I still loved it. 
  • Include Themed Elements - Hannah is really good at making movie nights fun by adding themed food and decorations. Tomorrow is Star Wars Day ("May the Fourth" be with you), and I think I'm going to make some edible light sabers while we watch The Force Awakens. 
  • Date Night Cologne - Saved the best for last! In March I picked up a Penhaligon cologne for Chris, and he wears it for our date nights. It is intoxicating. I cannot otherwise describe what this smell does to my brain without being indelicate. I never would have expected a smell to make such a big difference for me, but having that scent around for our date nights at home brings the most unexpected romanticism. 
What am I missing? Do you plan special date nights in or are they more spontaneous? How have you drawn the lines between your regular nights at home and a Date Night in? And HOW the FREAK do you find babysitters? 

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  1. Oooh. Nice ideas! We are pretty lazy around here. Occasionally I bust out the Christmas lights though!

    I am the freaking YW pres and still can't find sitters! None of my girls like to babysit. So we usually just do "date night swaps" with other parents. And by "usually" I mean we have done that once so far this year. Haha! I'm hoping to figure this out more now that Hunter is sleeping reliably.


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