Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Would You Take a Break From Traveling?

Where are we going this summer, you ask? Nowhere. We’re staying home all summer.

Actually we’re staying home all year.

Back in January I decided I didn’t want to travel in 2017, and so far I cannot be talked out of it. That means no summer trips, we’re roasting our own Thanksgiving Turkey, and then we’ll ring in 2018 fast asleep in our own beds in good ol’ Redwood City.

Does that seem totally crazy to you? Yes, I can tell by the look on your face. And it’s fair. Restricting your travel is usually the result of bad news: you can’t afford it, your health is failing, you’re a refugee and America won’t let you in, etc. In our case, by the end of 2016 I felt like I had been drowning for six months, and I wanted a break. I want things to just be easy for a little while. I am happiest when my kids stick to their routines. I like it when they nap. I like it when they’re comfortable enough to play on their own. So even though it's weird, I am happy staying home right now.

I think part of the reason it feels so crazy is because world travel is such a prominent feature of modern life. It’s inspiring and expanding and refreshing and sexy and gosh darn it, it’s cheaper than ever. Traveling with kids, even, is wonderful. The more kids travel the better they get at it. Families who vacation together have better memories and are closer in adulthood. Children exposed to new places and experiences have better brain development. And it almost goes without saying that staying home does not provide the best experience for your Instagram followers. ;)

It’s been a change of pace for us, especially as summer begins, so I’m trying to do a better job of planning our weekends at home. I even think we have some great stuff lined up for the summer, but I’m looking for more summer suggestions.

If you weren’t going to travel at all, what would summer look like for you? (in my case, it’s what does summer taste like).

b perry


  1. Well I guess I'll just have to come to you, then. I'm headed to SF around Labor Day - lets find a time to catch up!

  2. I really love this. I've never thought of just deciding not to travel. When we don't go somewhere (like this summer we most likely will not be going anywhere, but will be working on major house projects instead) I usually feel bummed out about it and wish I was going somewhere. I think that it's important to take control of your traveling or staying home rather than let it come to you.

  3. We did this last year, kind of. We did a weekend trip to DC and a day trip to New Hampshire...oh and I took Daisy to Philadelphia once. And every time we were like "OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS TERRIBLE WHERE DID OUR ROUTINES GO". We're homebodies by nature, so it's not hard not to travel. It IS hard to not see family....but we're ok missing out on seeing the sights.
    Now that the kids are a little older and I'm no longer drowning, I'm starting to want to venture out more. I mean, when am I ever going to live this close to the Ben&Jerry's factory again?! And we are definitely planning a month-long vacation to visit family in the Fall. These things are definitely better when you have life under control a little bit!


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