Wednesday, June 7, 2017

First Birthday

We tried to fill Zoe’s first birthday with all her favorite things. Lots of family walks, amazing naps, dance parties, and nine different cheeses. It wouldn’t have mattered what we planned, she would have been the happiest camper for any activity, because that’s who she is. It is who she has always been. 

Zoe was born at the beginning of an unusually dark time for our family, and since birth she has been the brightest ray of sunshine: laughing, smiling, happily entertaining herself, napping like a champ. If it’s true that eyes are the windows to the soul, then she has stained glass masterpieces into a cathedral of a soul.

She is our diamond in the rough. She is the baby we needed. She is the only baby for us.

b perry

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  1. She sounds 1000% delightful. I wish I could get to know her in person!


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