Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Popsicle Potluck

It is toasty in the Bay right now. Every year there are a couple weeks in June where we’re escaping to every cool place we can think of. What are your best beat-the-heat strategies?

Before we had kids we would go out to dinner or see a movie. We went to so many movies in the summer of 2013… Not a Bay Area example, but we paid like forty bucks in London to see The Freaking Lone Ranger. What a truly terrible movie, but it was so cold in there.

After Jack was born we developed a pretty comprehensive list of the places on the peninsula that have air conditioning. My favorite is the Cantor Center for Visual Arts on Stanford campus. On the most blistering Sabbath Days we started walking along the beach in Pacifica or driving up to foggy San Francisco.

This year our house has air conditioning. IT IS COOL IN OUR HOUSE EVEN THOUGH IT IS ONE HUNDRED DEGREES OUTSIDE. WE CAN STAY HOME. WE CAN COOK FOOD. WE CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT. WE HAVE AIR CONDITIONING. Do you want to come over? It’s very comfortable here.

This week we planned a little “potluck” at our place to share the coolness. When I read our Summer Bucket List to Chris, everything was in alphabetical order. I said, “Play tag, popsicles, potluck…” and Chris said, “A popsicle potluck? Yeah! When are we doing that?!” And what better time for a popsicle potluck than the first day of summer. I made some tiny pops for the teething among us and picked up a few fruity flavors at Whole Foods. I can think of no better way to honor and celebrate the first day of summer and our blessed air conditioner.

b perry

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  1. Popsicle potluck is the best idea!! We finally caved and put up all of our window AC units this summer and I can't go back. It's so nice to sleep at night!


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