Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer Bucket List

We’re two rooms into our fort-building goal! 

This summer I actually made one of those totally bonkers Summer Bucket Lists with like 150 ideas. It started when Chris and I talked about our summers as kids. Then we brainstormed a bunch of free activities for toddlers. Then I heard about this store called Target, and I'm not sure what we ever did to deserve that place. Lastly, there is Pinterest. It was not a difficult list to make. There are simple things like flying paper airplanes and bigger things like roasting s’mores at Loch Lomond.

Are you a Bucket Lists person? I absolutely love hearing about these. Do you have a desire to climb the tallest peak on every continent or (from one of my favorite picture books) eat 300 cookies? My hopes and dreams are usually unambitious (e.g. from another picture book, to one day own matching silverware). I don’t have any bucket list items of my own, but that cookie one sounds pretty good. Tell me about yours! What could be more fun than stealing the goals of my friends?

The Perry Family 2017 Summer List is on the order of “inspiration” rather than MANDATORY, but it’s been a fun experiment in bucket list territory. Of the things on that list that I actually insist we do this summer
  • At least one SF outing 
  • Regularly go to the Farmer's Markets
  • Read in the shade
  • Have a big family picnic
  • Really try to find a snow cone/shave ice 
  • Build a fort in every room in the house 
  • Check out 100 books from the library in one day 
  • Make a bunch of Fruit Loop necklaces 
  • Plant something from the Half Moon Bay nursery 
  • Take Jack to a t-ball game 

What’s on your list this summer? Do you want to come over and try out our bubble machine from Target? Are you baking any berry pies? Can I invite myself to your summer excursions?

b perry 


  1. I am baking a strawberry-rhubarb pie this weekend!!! I love your fort building goal. Might be stealing that one.

    I made a bucket list ages ago....I think it's on my blog somewhere. I don't know how accurate it is anymore, haha! I think the only huge gigantic dream is to someday visit Hawaii with Chris, because I miss that place. I had a goal to grow my hair down to my waist...and then I accomplished it...and now I don't know what to do. I also had a goal to shave my head one day (because wouldn't that just be cool?!) But I'm not sure I'd ever actually do it. Who knows!

  2. Also bubble machines are the beeeeeeest.


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