Thursday, July 20, 2017

What are you reading this summer?

I know summer is for reading chick lit, but I have been reading some great non-fluffy stuff lately.

This month my book club is reading Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea, which is about defectors from North Korea. And then last week I finished Funny in Farsi: a Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America. Both were exceptionally well-written, and both offered a fresh perspective on worlds very different from my own. Lots of great learning for me this summer.

We have also been reading about black history. I am pretty sure we are about halfway through all the black history picture books at our library, and I have read a few books on my own too: Hidden Figures, Just Mercy, and We Are the Ship.

Homegoing has been recommended to me three times now, so even though it's historical fiction, that is definitely on my list. Any other good black history recommendations? Or summer fluff recommendations? I am open to pretty much anything.

b perry

p.s. here is my current to-read list.

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